Pet portraits from photos


Hi all

I am a self taught artist originally From the UK But have lived most of my life in Normandy France, before moving to the  beautiful  west coast of Norway in 2008 I first started digital painting around ten years ago when I would paint backgrounds for  my children’s homemade  Star Wars films, now I concentrate mainly on pet portraits and wildlife ”the new love of my life.”

Digital painting is an art form in which I use traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. which I apply using a digitizing tablet and stylus, this gives me a similar environment to a physical painter.

As a digital pet portrait artist I have at my disposal several tools not available to the traditional painter. Some of these include: a virtual palette consisting of millions of colors, almost any size of canvas or media. A graphics tablet allows me to work with precise hand movements with over two thousand different levels of pressure sensitivity simulating a brush and canvas.

The unique advantage of ordering a digital painting over a traditional painting is that once you have the file, you have the flexibility of being able to either upload your pet portrait onto a computer for viewing, Email you portrait or simply print it in as many different ways as you wish . Visiting cards, brochures, print on canvas or fine art papers, print on tee shirts, greeting cards and use on websites like Facebook for example.

I may be commissioned to turn any photograph into an original custom hand painted portrait or piece of fine art . I could paint a favorite landscape, a still life , wildlife portraits, a home or a favorite car, pet portraits birds and animals & many more custom paintings all from your own photos : This service is available worldwide just upload your photos ( UPLOAD).


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